Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live Cam Today

Eagle Cam Live Feed Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

A beautiful young eagle visited the nest area this weekend. We will always wonder if it could be an offspring of our favorite duo

eagle cam live feed southwest florida eagle cam

Fly High & Forever Free Ozzie. It feels like yesterday you were our main man & missed dearly. 

Eagle Cam Live Feed Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

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Fan reactions:

Kathy Kilpela Shine It’ll be exciting to see what happens…..My third season. Will always wonder about E9…as I’m sure others are

Marilyn Kay Oh, so wonderful to look into the nest……….looks so good!!! Thank you to the Pritchett family or allowing us to watch these beautiful Eagles!

Myreve Chambers Can’t wait until the cameras are live and Harriet is on the nest. This is my 3rd season watching Harriet and M15 hopefully they hatch some lovely eaglets.

Arlene Elizabeth Fields I can feel the excitement in the air already!! This is my 3rd season and this is the only reason for me to like the fall and winter seasons. I enjoy this to the fullest and everyone that has a part in it makes it so rewarding. Thanks to the Pritchett's for allowing us the opportunity to witness all this. The mods teach us so much, but the videos really tell the are awesome. But most of all thank you Harriet and M15 for putting on the show!!

Linda Drew Villeneuve Two of my favorite cams…I can never get enough of them on those branches with the church as a backdrop. I am definitely heading down to the Pritchett land to catch a glimpse this season.

Teresa Morris Allen Yay!!! My kids have been asking every day when the eagles will be back. I looped with my class to 2nd this year and we followed last year.

Karen Rosenthal Cannot get camera feed to work. Keeps telling me live stream video not available. When will they be up and running? Thank you.


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