Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Update Today

E11 has been out of view for almost a week (April 30) & E10 was last spotted the morning of May 4. Always a bittersweet time knowing our Eagle Family is moving on from another amazing season. Thank you all for taking part in this year's journey!

southwest florida eagle cam 2018

Southwest florida eagle cam 2018


Supporters reactions:

Sheryl L Guy Huge thank yous to the Pritchetts, admins, mods, ground crew, etc for doing so much to allow all of us the amazing opportunity of watching magnificent nature, live and up close!! I have been in tears, happy & sad, thinking about the day our bobbleheads would leave us, but so happy to wish them happy trails & Godspeed!! Many of us would not be able to view this part of God's creations without you! Must thank Harriet, M & our man Ozzie, for without them, we would not have had the past 6 years! God bless everyone!! Thank you & take care!

Linda Miller Schneider Ward Wishing a long life and farewell to E10 and E11. It was a joy to watch them for the past 5 months. Hope Harriet and M15 will stay safe and have more eaglets the end of 2018, and I'll be watching. Thanks Southwest Florida Eagle Cam and Pritchett.

Marilyn Kay It certainly has been a very heartwarming season. Will miss E10 & E11, but I know they are going to be magnificent Eagles throughout their lives! Thanks to Harriet & M15 for raising such a beautiful pair of eaglets!! Tremendous thanks to the Pritchetts and all the mods & Vicki for their dedication to this awesome Eagle family and to share it all with all of us!! Thank you!

Kathy Reid Again thank you Pritchett for another amazing season with Harriet, M15 and E10 and E11. The camera's were in perfect places to watch the family grow. But comes a time when the E'S must leave the nest and find their own journeys. May they have a wonderful and adventurous life and a safe one too! Once again Harriet and M15 had 2 beautiful Eaglets. God Soeed E10 & E11 wherever you are m. Be safe my babies, Fly High And Soar High!

Melissa Sohr I can't believe it's over already! I didn't get to watch as much as I did with E9, but it was great seeing eagletts who got along so well. I know they will do well with such great parents who taught them so well.

Sarah Myers Johnson E10 & 11 were such buddies this season! Thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow from fuzzy headed bobbleheads to magnificent full fledged eagles! Thank you SWFEC and the Pritchett's for this opportunity!

Jan Edelberg I want them only to become strong independent healthy strong magnificent eagles 🦅. I wish we had more time but isn't that always the way it is. Many many thanks to Vicki for all the wonderful pictures that brought us closer her insight and time and to the wonderful Pritchett family that makes it all possible. With all the property they have and surrounded by I hope they both stay safe and close for a while longer.

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