Weekly Nest Notes: Preparing for that Eagle Life

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Weekly Nest Notes: Preparing for that Eagle Life

E10 and E11 score top marks in all areas of their growth and learning. Their stature is beautifully impressive and strong and their grasp on the ways of Eagle life is incredible. Harriet and M15 deserve full credit for their tireless and unfailing guidance and education in survival imparted to these two amazing Juvenile Eagles. They will be well equipped with heightened instincts and indelible lessons in securing food and avoiding danger.

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They practice asserting dominance and fierceness as they progress into life as Raptors. These needed skills and characteristics will serve them well as they prepare to be on their own. M15 himself has grown into a master hunter and has reinforced the how, what and where to find food. Harriet reminds E10 and E11 that a meal is not a given and will be taken if not eaten quickly. They continued to employ and sharpen their awareness and visual skills as they spotted Mom or Dad flying from far places to the territory.

E10 and E11 kept an Eagle eye on them, flew out to meet them or chased closely behind them to the nest or other food drop spot in the pasture. Competing for the food is a priority and each has won their share. E10 and E11 have also practiced their hunting abilities skimming over the ponds possibly going after the ducks. They have experienced the intrusion of other Eagles into the pasture and have each taken measures to defend their territory. M15 warned E10 and E11 to take notice of coyotes passing near the pond.


Over the months, it has been bittersweet to observe two treasured eggs that hatched into two precious eaglets who have become two extraordinary Juvenile Eagles readying for their life’s journey. It has been endearing to watch Harriet and M15 as they fulfill their goal successfully rearing their young. When E10 and E11 depart on their own adventures, rest assured with the knowledge they have been exceptionally prepared for Eagle Life

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Lillian Hawt Love them all,but I am concerned about E11 not looking healthy and really like not too interested in eating most of the time they bring food. Sometimes I feel that Harriet feeds E10 most of the time even when E11 is right in front of her. I am rooting for both eaglets to make it through this cold and windy season.

Lillian Linton For anyone whom missed E11's grand PS, they now have the video of it posted on the main site. Poor dad got it right smack center of his head! Hope he can get to the pond for a bath cause that was a big one little E11 let rip!

Paul Violette Dadsjazz, your impressive nest notes appear to be preparing us for the departure of our fabulous young eagles. It's been such a wonderful season with all of those teaching moments and successful adventures.
Thank you and everyone involved in this most interesting view into the life of these beautiful creatures.

Nanette Raimondi So interesting how one is more brown and the other is more black. E9 was more black too. Does their coloring have anything to do with if they are a male or female? E10 and E11 are a joy. love Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog

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