Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Update and Live Cam

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam News 

While moments like this are pretty perfect, our cam install this year was less than. Sadly we won't have a Cam 2 this season but working on getting a new Cam 2/3 installed so we still have views of the pasture/pond from the north. 

Until then, Cam 1 and Cam 360 are LIVE and we would love your support this season as we continue to learn and get better!

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam  360


Fan reactions:

Kaye Campbell Thank you very much to the Pritchett family for installing and the upkeep on these cameras. We are very privileged to be able to watch the available cameras. We understand that Cam 2 had a problem that could not be fixed within the specified time frame. On behalf of the photographers and the public, thank you again to the Pritchetts for allowing this opportunity to us all. We are so happy your love for watching the Eagles has been extended to us. Thank you very much to the Pritchetts and everything you do and continue to do. Many thanks on behalf of us all.

Kathy Kilpela Shine Thank you, looking forward to my third year of eagle watching. E9 was my first, Still think about him/her… It was a thrilling, hairy ride, but I loved it..

Barbara Gray We will enjoy what we can see on these two and we are very thankful for all that you do to help us view this magnificent pair and their offspring. Thank you so much.

Marianne Beck This nest is awesome with all it’s cameras. We are so blessed and will be just fine with what we have. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share in the everyday life of M And H.

Karen Highfield Again, thanks to the Pritchett family for affording us this fantastic up close and personal view of eagle life. I am already enjoying watching these two and it appears they have done a ton of work on the nest. I am just thankful to have the cameras we have.

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