Stephen Colbert Asks God’s Stance On The NRA

Stephen looks to the big man upstairs if there are metal detectors at the golden gates.

Viewers reacted:

Sandy Weatherford The NRA is a bunch of weirdos if they believe that God says having a gun is a God given right. Just exactly how many AR 15's or any kind of gun are in the Bible? Using the Bible as an excuse for any random right wing agenda is wrong. Every time these fools open their mouths they drive more people away from churches.

Pamela Goodman How about an ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN…(would be my 1st choice)

But given the NRA is so powerful that after every mass murder using these military weapons of war, sales go up & they are cheap enough for a kid to legally buy……

2nd choice: “Pay to Play”…
$1Million Liability Insurance Coverage should be mandatory on every military grade weapon a person buys..& a $50K-$100K fine not having coverage…. increase ammo prices from $8.25 to $35 (or what ever to make a person ‘think’ before each bullet is fired)
Insurance Companies can require AssaultWeapon safety courses, maintain background checks & national database of registers
The fine would be for anyone not providing proof of insurance— or you lose your right to own one & will be confiscated.
If the fine is priced as a high as a nice new truck or car—then see how much they love that gun… send ALL ammo profits\fines to fund victims of gun violence medical & funeral expenses

Bren Young Read in the Atlantic – an article about how an AR 15 bullet rips apart your organs in a way no gun does. Think about how those kids slaughtered by a machine gun were mowed down…almost impossible to stop the bleeding to save them. Gonna give a teacher a gun? Don't bother.

Bren Young Linda Hillman- You are kidding yourself if you think you could stop a shooter who carries an AR 15. They are prepared and you are not. 600 killed and injured in 10 minutes. You really think you are going to reach that person before they do their harm and likely shoot themselves. Stop pretending that is a solution. It is just-as the kids say-BS.

Bren Young The Las Vegas shooter did all his work in 10 minutes. He used AR-10 and AR-15 machine guns. He killed 58 and injured over 500 in 10 Minutes. They have a shooting rate of 500 shots plus per minute. Their bullets do so much damage that most people who have a vital organ hit will not recover. They do much more damage than a gun. And yes, that is a machine gun. They can be made automatic with the bump stock -readily available and inexpensive and legal. What could a teacher or a security guard possibly do against those weapons. It is like facing an army.

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