Trump Claims He Would Have ‘Run’ Into The School

During Monday’s meeting with governors, Donald Trump proposed one thing that might have prevented the school shooting in Florida: himself.

NRA Members Are Losing Perks

Viewers reacted:

Lois Bromley-Ellison So this President can not say or do anything right? So much disrespectful to another human being. Americans can be so unkind yet have the most freedoms, such as voting for the President. My prayer for all is how you talk and treat this President comes back in your life to see how it feels what you say the circle of life and speech comes back
Give Pres. Trump a chance instead of doing what you are told by MSM.

James Piesik I remember when Don rescued John from the Hanoi Hilton in 1967. Oh ….I forgot , while McCain was a POW , draft dodging Donny heel spurs was living the life of luxury in NY.

Peter Cowles If Trump runs in any school you’d better put all of the girls bathrooms and their locker room on lock down first, from his past Miss USA and Miss Teen pageants records he should not be allowed near them.

Pam Grimm “Craziness and viciousness”, rings a bell. Trump is the ultimate Monday morning quarterback. When will this nightmare be over?

Wendy Laverty Students are still trying to protect other students. The NRA is not interested in protecting students/teachers/church members, etc.

Rosalba Sanchez Get rid of secret service save America’s money. Give trump and his staff their very own gun maybe give them a little bonus. We have the bravest president with bone spurs


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